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Thinking of using an online agent? You`ll be saying goodbye to 5% of the potential price if so! 08 November 2018

High street agents achieve more viewings, more offers, and in almost three-quarters of cases a 5% better price than online-only firms. The research, from The Advisory – an independent consumer advice group for house sellers – says that internet-only agents are very reliant on the portals to find buyers.... Read More

Schools: the top consideration for parents in property purchases? 29 September 2018

Choosing where to live once you have children can be a headache. While factors such as employment opportunities, transport links, and average wages and salaries still remain important, new considerations are added into the equation. Facilities such as parks and green spaces, child-friendly museums and galleries, and the availability of extra-curricular activities are all points to bear in mind, but it is schooling that usually tops the list.... Read More

Tenant demand increases in the UK as number of properties for rent falls 05 September 2018

Demand from new tenants in the UK"s private rented sector is rising at a time when the number of homes available to rent is falling, the latest figures show. The monthly data from the Association of Residential Lettings Agents (ARLA) shows that the number of new prospective tenants registered per letting agent branch increased from 71 in June to 79 in July, the highest level seen in 2018 so far.... Read More

Why it`s hard being a landlord in 2018 13 July 2018

‘Being a landlord is easy". Regardless the size of your rental portfolio, it"s likely an opinion you"ve heard before. Put simply, it"s wrong. While the rental market still offers considerable opportunity for proactive landlords who stay on top of ever-evolving rules and regulations, it has also changed immeasurably in recent decades.... Read More

How to choose a block managing agent in Manchester 19 June 2018

1. Prepare the request for information (the ‘brief") Take time at the outset of the process to discuss and set down exactly what you want from the new managing agent. This important work begins with a clear understanding of your development: consider what"s important to your site; the make-up of the leaseholders and residents, and the sort of relationship you want with a managing agent.... Read More