We know that choosing a block management company isn't an easy task, there are a number of options out there with an array of offerings and promises.

At Stevenson Whyte we tailor our services around the development, rather than the other way around. Options can be selected or deselected on request, allowing better budgeting and a more cost effective service.

For example if you would rather not have an online portal for payments and statements for the development, we can use a more simple setup of post and email, allowing for a lower cost of management. However if you would like a user friendly online portal to pay and manage service charge statements, we can specify the options that would be most useful, leaving out anything deemed unnecessary.

The contractors appointed for any remedial work are always independent, we do not inflate pricing or charge a commission to the development or contractor, allowing for a transparent service. All original invoices are held on file and available for inspection by leaseholders if required, something not many other agents can offer. This has helped to reduce expenditure at a number of the blocks taken under our management, boosting the sinking fund.

Being based in central Manchester, but with offices in South Manchester (Sale) too, we're approachable and accessible. Leaseholders can visit our offices to pay, ask questions or chat about their property, we're here to help. We are also open on Saturdays, something else that is unheard of in the majority of management companies.

To discuss the management of your development, or advice on how to transfer from an existing agent, contact our offices email address, info@stevensonwhyte.co.uk, or call our city centre office on 01618325060.